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Green Initiatives

Green InitiativesChem Inc has been proactive in addressing Green Initiatives. The twelve elements of green chemistry issued by the EPA have been utilized in the selection of raw materials utilized in our products. Examples of our green approaches to business are:

    • Thorough evaluation the process of manufacturing materials to ensure it is energy efficient and minimizes air and water pollution.  Scale control through low molecular weight polymers for aqueous polymerization should be achieved by using polyacrylate or polymaleic based polymers. By comparison, solvent based polymerization pollutes the atmosphere by the volatilization of the solvent despite the fact that solvent recovery and recycle occurs.
    • The use of materials which are readily or rapidly biodegradable in industrial or municipal water treatment plants. Most of the chemicals used in Chem Inc’s water treatment formulas have a short life because they are biodegradable or are degraded in a waste treatment plant and are not present in the discharge from the plant.
    • Many cooling water systems are treated with oxidizing biocides like chlorine or bromine. When using halogens in a cooling system a considerable amount of the chlorine or bromine is flushed off through the cooling tower and pollutes the atmosphere, requiring additional feed to replace the loss. Chem. Inc has promoted the use of a stabilized bromine product, which allows for lower use of the halogen for effective control and minimizes release to the atmosphere. The stabilized product is more effective for these applications and is less toxic to the environment.
    • High dosages of halogens are used by many suppliers in the water treatment industry. The other ingredients used for scale and corrosion control can become oxidized and ineffective for their intended use. This includes some of the phosphonates such as HEDP, AMP, copper inhibitors, benzotriazole and tolyltriazole. By utilizing stabilized bromine, nonoxidizers, and by using better control technology for the halogens these problems can be reduced or eliminated. This technology is promoted by Chem Inc. in an effort to use less scale and corrosion inhibitors and to decrease the adverse impacts.

  • Chem Inc continually searches for new materials of low toxicity that have minimal or no impact on the environment that can be used in products.
  • Chem Inc.’s production facility has no discharge to either a city sewer or waterway. We operate our facility with total recycle to eliminate ongoing waste generation from our production process.
  • Chem Inc promotes information generation to enable their customers to look for ways to reduce energy needs and promote water reuse.
  • Chem Inc is searching for chemicals derived from renewable resources. So far none are as effective as presently utilized chemicals and do not permit water and energy savings.
  • Chem Inc. recommends the utilization of effective controllers to control the feed of chemical at all times and to minimize chemical use with maximum water and energy savings.