Chem Inc. can expand the services you offer your clients. Our Technical Service Laboratory provides professional analysis for evaluating water, mineral deposits, microbiological, metallurgical, corrosion coupon and ion exchange resin samples. Our lab can also perform detailed reverse osmosis membrane autopsies. Our technical staff has the right training and expertise to work with you to resolve the most difficult water treatment challenges. Our Quality Control Laboratory will also ensure that all products conform to strict quality specifications, making sure that quality always comes first. 

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Our lab offers a very wide range of analyses for water quality testing, specially suited for industrial water treatment. We provide general analyses for Raw Water, Cooling Water, and Boiler Water, which covers most of the species of interest in each relative application. We also allow our clients to pick and choose from our extensive list of test offerings to create a custom report for their unique needs. 

Please download the Laboratory Order Form for a list of services offered. If there is a service you are interested in, but is not listed, please do not hesitate to reach out to our technical staff. Our lab can work with you to fulfill any testing requirements.


Our lab can provide a thorough analysis on the overall quality of resin beads, taking the guesswork out of deciding the right time to replace your resin. The analysis includes: whole bead percentage, iron fouling, crackability/friability, moisture content, and bacteria count.


Our lab provides pre-weighed technical grade metal coupons (mild steel, copper, aluminum, galvanized steel, etc.) which can be used to measure the active corrosion taking place within a system. Once the exposed coupons are returned to the lab, we perform a thorough cleaning and weighing procedure following the ASTM guideline G1. A detailed report is provided including calculated MPY values based on weight loss of the metal. We can also provide chemically pre-treated coupons upon request.


Analysis includes: calcium, magnesium, silica, organics (ignition loss), iron, copper phosphate, sulfate, and CO2 based deposits. Our lab staff will also include as part of the report the most probable mineral composition percentage based on the above elemental analyses. 


The microbiological lab at Chem Inc is capable of providing a breath of testing to identify biological contamination. Our lab is BSL-2, and is able to safely and accurately able to test for mycobacterium, heterotrophic bacteria, aerobic bacteria, iron-related bacteria, sulfate-reducing bacteria, denitrifying/nitrifying bacteria, total coliform, hydrogen sulfide, and Legionella.


We can work with our customers to perform special testing for anything not currently listed on our order form. If you are unsure about an analysis or would like to find out more of our capabilities, please reach out to us here: 



We are CDC ELITE certified for testing.

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Legionella Analysis

What is Legionella?

Legionella is a water borne pathogen found in the environment. Sometimes the bacteria causes a serious type of pneumonia (lung infection) called Legionnaires' disease. The bacteria can also cause a less serious infection called Pontiac fever that has symptoms similar to the flu. 

Industrial water systems can amplify Legionella bacteria by providing the organism the right temperatures and nutrients to grow. When systems are left untreated, Legionella and other water borne pathogens may lead to serious public health crises. 

How we can help

Chem Inc can help you create a complete and comprehensive Legionella Control Plan that follows industry guidelines set forth by the CDC. An interactive, thorough, and continuously improved program offers great health and safety for those in your facility and the surrounding area.

Chem Inc is also a CDC ELITE certified lab. This means that our lab and technicians are equipped, well trained and experienced in isolating and detecting Legionella from the environment. For more information visit the CDC website on Legionella here: