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Chem Inc. has an efficient, ongoing R&D program constantly looking at new technology and its fit into the water treatment marketplace. As a result, we are able to reduce the time for the commercialization of new products.

We have the ability to customize and blend formulations for specific application needs. We work with clients to optimize blending and distribution of their own formulations. Our R&D staff can also help to enhance and verify client's formulations for a specific application.



We promise deliveries in four days from placement of order.
Rush orders can be processed in two days.

Chem Inc.'s SDS is designed to eliminate customer handling and disposal of water treatment chemicals. we accommodate your delivery whether your shipment is 5 gallons, 55 gallons, mini-bulk, or bulk. Specialized personnel will refill tanks installed in your plant.

SDS and other delivery options include:

  • Small delivery of a few drums

  • Metered pumping from mini-bulk containers (typically up to 12,000 pounds)

  • Larger deliveries of up to 40,000 pounds from mini-bulk containers

  • Bulk deliveries using tankers

  • Global deliveries

  • Common carrier

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