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CT Products

Chem Inc has a dynamic R&D program for the development of cooling water products utilizing contemporary technology. A pilot cooling tower is used in the R&D laboratory to evaluate new concepts in scale and corrosion control. This laboratory model is designed to reproduce all engineering parameters of a full scale operating cooling tower system.


New commercially available compounds are screened on the pilot cooling tower for effectiveness. Those compounds showing exceptional performance are used as formulation components in the preparation of new experimental products. These experimental products are rigorously evaluated in the laboratory and in closely monitored field tests. After the product has been shown to be a success, it is then introduced into the product line for use by our customers.

Boiler Products


Chem Inc.’s commitment to providing contemporary technology extends into the research and development program for the development of boiler water products.


In the Chem Inc. R&D laboratory is a pilot-scale research boiler, which is used for the screening of new concepts in boiler water treatment. The laboratory research boiler is designed to reproduce the engineering parameters of a full scale operating boiler system.


New technology in feedwater oxygen scavengers, polymeric dispersants, chelants, and steam line corrosion control are screened on the research boiler. Those compounds showing desirable performance are then formulated into new experimental boiler products. They are then rigorously evaluated both in the laboratory and in closely monitored field applications. Only after the successful completion of the R&D evaluation are the boiler water products made available to the Chem Inc. customer.



Left untreated, cooling water towers, and other industrial process waters can be an ideal breeding ground for biological growth. Problems such as biofilm, algae, bacteria and even water borne pathogens can lead to serious issues such as corrosion, reduced system efficiency, and disease transmission.

Chem Inc. has a full line of biocides, both oxidizing and non-oxidizing, designed to keep biological growth under control. Chem Inc. also has a line of unique EPA registered biocides with a proven track record of keeping systems clean under the harshest operating conditions. Our variety of treatment options ensures that the right treatment is chosen for our customer's unique application. 

Our in-house biological testing laboratory (Biosafety Level II) is capable of validating the treatment's effectiveness and ensuring the highest water quality. 

Closed Sys Products


Chem Inc. has expertise in all types of closed system products with no evaporation and concentration of the water. This includes traditional closed loop systems, including chilled water and hot water systems, and systems open to the atmosphere such as Thermal Energy Systems. Each requires its own unique approach to prevent corrosion and fouling in the system.


Chem Inc. also provides mechanical and chemical solutions to provide an energy efficient operation of these systems.

Membrane Products


Chem Inc. has expertise in membrane technology including reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration and nanofiltration. We have a complete line of anti-scalants and microbiocides to prevent calcium carbonate, sulfate, fluoride, silica and silicate salts, iron, strontium and barium deposits. Chem Inc. also has a complete line of cleaners for cleaning membranes fouled with a wide variety of foulants. We can also provide products for removal of halogens and suspended solids prior to the membranes.

Chem Inc. can optimize the operation and performance of any membrane system for maximum efficiency and minimum energy costs.



Chem Inc. has a complete product line for geothermal and power generation plants. We provide products that support mining, oil and gas production, and power generation in a way that is sustainable, reduces water waste, and negates system downtime. Our products will ensure maximum plant and operational efficiency while keeping employees and the environment safe from exposure.



Chem Inc. has a comprehensive line of products for liquid/solids

separation in water and waste water plants.


Products are available for treating:

  • Oil-in-Water Emulsions

  • Water-in-Oil Emulsions

  • Solids in Water

  • Water in Solids

  • Dissolved Metals in Water

  • Dissolved Organics in Water


Products are available to promote:

  • Sedimentation

  • Flotation

  • Clarification

  • Filtration

  • Sludge Thickening/Conditioning

  • Sludge Dewatering

  • Oil/Water Separation

  • Defoaming


Chem Inc. has a complete line of:

  • Coagulants, both inorganic and organic, dadmac, Melamine Formaldehyde and mannich amines

  • Flocculants both cationic and anionic

  • Metal reducing agents for metals separation

  • Products for BOD and COD removal

  • Cationic products for Oil water separation and sludge dewatering

  • Powders, Emulsions, Solution Polymers

  • Process antifoams

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