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Our analytical team is specialized in dealing with the unique and challenging problems faced by the water treatment industry. The analytical team at Chem Inc provides high-level analyses, along with exceptional and personalized customer service for our clients.

Chemical Analysis
Chemical Manufacturing


Chem Inc has a breadth of products that are used to treat a vast number of industrial systems. We provide everything from all-in-one products to specialized formulas to meet a unique need. We have the ability to work with clients to make sure they are using the right product for their needs and application.  

R&D Capabilities

Chem Inc leads the water treatment industry with its world-class research and development capabilities. The R&D team at Chem Inc can work with clients to solve even the most challenging water treatment problems. Our R&D facilities include a fully-equipped laboratory and pilot scale systems which we use to evaluate each and every product that comes in or out of our doors. 

Chemical Research and Development
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